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At TH OWL, we are thrilled to offer an exceptional Master's program that goes beyond just providing advanced technical skills. We aim to shape the next generation of IT engineers and computer scientists by nurturing well-rounded, visionary leaders who are equipped to tackle the economic, social, and ethical challenges of today's rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Due to the significant social impact and the large number of relevant companies in our region, our focus is on the industrial perspective on IT. Our comprehensive program will give you cutting-edge knowledge and expertise in key areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Computer Networks, Software Engineering, and Cyber Security.

But this master program is much more than bits and bytes. With our exclusive and brand new Future World Empowerment program, our students are able to contribute to a future marked by social justice and environmental sustainability.

At the Innovation Campus Lemgo, you will be part of a vibrant international community, surrounded by approachable professors who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and collaborating on real-world projects. You will have access to the latest technologies in the SmartFactoryOWL and work with prestigious partners from science and business on campus in the Centrum Industrial IT (CIIT).

Take a closer look below and join us on this exciting journey towards success!


Master IT students are accepted each year at most to ensure small study groups.


nations have been represented in this study program among our students so far.


fellowship/employment package for exceptional and highly motivated students.


successfull years of this study program guarantees a lot of experience and excellence.

Important details:

Application period:

Germany and EU Countries:
Winter Semester: 02.05. - 31.08.
Summer Semester: 17.11. - 15.02.

Non-EU Countries:
Winter Semester: 01.04. - 01.06.
Summer Semester: 17.11. - 25.01.

Mode of Study:
Full-time and part-time

Course language:

Winter semester, Summer semester

4 Semesters

Credit points:
120 ECTS

Foreign semester:

Non-restricted with requirements

Accredited by:

Innovation Campus Lemgo, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Prof. Dr. Henning Trsek

Room: CIIT EG 3.12
Phone: +49 5261 702 5744


Course modules

1st Semester
Advanced topics in algorithms
Discrete signals and systems
Probability and statistics
Usability engineering
Scientific methods and writing
Management skills and business administration
2nd Semester
Compulsory elective module according to the study schedule like: Communication for Distributed Systems
Embedded Systems Design
Industrial Software Engineering
Information Fusion
Intelligent Technical Systems
Network Security
Advanced Topics in Machine Learning
Autonomous Vehicles
3rd Semester
Research project
4th Semester
Master thesis + colloquium

more than Bits and Bytes

Alongside the core subjects mentioned, we invite you to participate in our exclusive "Future World Empowerment" program with different formats each semester. Immerse yourself in pressing global issues, gaining comprehensive insights and practical skills to enact significant change. Our Master's IT students are empowered to contribute to a future marked by social justice and environmental sustainability. Come in touch with business managers, thought leaders and MIT alumni!

Course Outcomes

Our master's degree program in Information Technology provides you with
  • sound expertise in the core areas of intelligent technical systems
  • relevant business administration and academic expertise
  • current technical topics, such as artificial intelligence, distributed real-time systems, wireless and wired communication systems, IT security and image processing
  • Interdisciplinary thinking, team orientation and collaboration
Bild Lemgo City

Strong financial support


Join our Master's program without financial worries! We offer several scholarships to support young and talented students who share our common vision. Our OWL Fellow Program provides a fellowship/employment package of up to 50,000€ to outstanding and highly motivated students, giving them the opportunity to work closely with a company in Germany's Mittelstand sector.

Moreover, there are many other special scholarships available from public and private sources that you can qualify for. Don't miss this chance to focus on what really matters and advance your career!



Accessible Expertise: Our Professors' Approach to Empower Your Success

Our faculty members are not only experts in their respective fields but also renowned for their approachability and unwavering support. They foster an environment where students feel comfortable seeking guidance and mentorship, ensuring every individual receives personalized attention and encouragement to thrive academically and professionally.

As part of the program, you'll have access to the Institute for Industrial Information Technologies (inIT) at TH OWL, one of the leading research institutions in industrial information technology. With over 160 research projects completed and more than 40 million euros raised in third-party funding, inIT is at the forefront of cutting-edge research and development.

Engage in meaningful research collaborations with our esteemed professors, who actively encourage students to contribute to cutting-edge projects. Through these partnerships, students gain invaluable hands-on experience and expand their academic horizons.

5 Reasons why you should choose our Master’s Program

Attractively located

Old Hanseatic Town (est. 1190), strategically nestled in the OWL region, offering swift connections to Hamburg, Berlin, and Amsterdam.

World-class Education and mentoring

The program offers full-time and part-time study options, with the chance to pursue a PhD post-Master's. Boasting top-notch facilities and infrastructure like on campus Smartfactory.

Well-connected with Business and Research

The renowned Fraunhofer Institute, Institute industrial IT and 10+ companies on campus.

Holistic approach

Our Future-World-Empowerment-Program will equip you to be a leader in today’s society.

Strong financial support

We help you to focus on what really matters!

Student Support

Community Manager

Anuj Dalvi serves as the dedicated community manager for our International Students in the Master of Information Technology program. His committed approach ensures that students feel at ease within the diverse international Master IT environment.

With his warm and approachable demeanor, Anuj fosters a welcoming atmosphere and encourages intercultural exchange. He adeptly coordinates various activities, provides invaluable support for student inquiries, and actively facilitates networking opportunities among peers. Anuj's depth of expertise and exceptional interpersonal skills render him an indispensable member of our team, enhancing students' academic journeys and fostering a positive sense of community on campus.

Themes for which you can reach out to him include: Engagement and Interaction | Moderation | Conflict Resolution | Event Planning and Management | Building Relationships | Cross-Functional Collaboration

Community Manager

Anuj Dalvi

Room: CIIT Building II 12.105
Phone: +49 170 1237519




Unleash your potential with on-campus access to state-of-the-art infrastructure

What better way to learn than by immersing yourself in hands-on research experiences alongside industry experts at the SmartFactoryOWL, Fraunhofer IOSB-INA Institute, inIT Research Institute and more than 10 companies, all conveniently located on campus?

Benefit from part-time opportunities, as WHK and SHK at our on-campus institutes and companies, offering valuable experience alongside studies, and networking with industry professionals for enhanced career prospects.

With year-round research opportunities available on campus, kickstart your career with unparalleled resources at your fingertips!